Encounter ends

12th July
Leaving Lvov and an encounter with my roots


We arrived at the airport as planned at 10.00 for our flight at 12.30 to discover our flight was delayed until 15.00. We got back in the bus and were taken to a spanking new mall in Lvov…talk about “time tunnels”… From the dirty , broken down streets of Boryslaw to this shiny marble, grant and glass mall – I felt we had ” flown” about 60-70 years into the future – all in the space of a couple of hours driving.
So here I am sitting here in a coffee shop in this mall which could be anywhere in the world..connected with my iPad to WiFi and the big wide world. There is only one word which comes to mind – surrealistic.

Less than 5 Kms from here are the remnants of Janowska concentration camp where, 70 years ago, unimaginable evil and cruelty was meted out to the helpless Jews of Lvov and of wider Galicia. The human race is more than complicated and this trip has both closed some circles for some of us and left a lot of unanswered questions. 

To end on a lighter note – special thanks to Zeev Henefeld who was our “fitness consultant” and helped us warm up and cool down after the 6 am walks every morning. Here we see Zeev and Hina warming up in Lvov…

And also very special thanks to Angela (see picture below) for excellent organisation of the tour and commitment to giving us the best possible experience under (sometimes) difficult circumstances (no a/c in minibus etc). תודה רבה

 Click here for full picture album of the last day in Lvov 

17th July
 Back in Israel for a few days and into our normal hectic schedules I haven’t had much time to process everything that occurred during the trip to Ukraine. I did listen to myself talking to my camera after the one free day in Borislav and could see how intense an experience that was for me.   I would like to start sharing this diary with family and the group despite a lot of “unfinished business” and hope you will get a sense of this very special experience.

1 Response to Encounter ends

  1. Ana Patricia Gold says:

    My name is Ana Gold im from 🇦🇷 Argentina
    (Buenos Aires).MY grandmother was born in
    Borislaw, her name was Encia Dorfler and she
    Was the sister of Zeev Henefeld (z’l) ‘s faher
    My grandtaher was Wolf Aberbach and he was
    Feom Borisllaw too.
    They came to Argentina in 1936.
    They kept in touch whitj Dvora Dorfler Henefeld
    And their Children( zeev ruhty and iemima)
    It is veru nice to see this site
    I write my email

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