Maps of area

1. I found this old map of Borislaw on the internet dated 1920

2. This satellite map from Google shows Borislaw, Drohobycz to the north and Schodnica to the south – click to enlarge

3. This is local map of Borislaw from Google Maps with my sketchings showing personal locations of interest :   Map Borislav – numbered

4. Family homes – This map was hand-drawn by a member of the Mayer family from Borislaw and appears to record the Jewish families live in Mitzkavitca Str   רח מיצקיביצה near the centre of town and the names Waldman and Linhard can be seen on page 33 (3) 34 (4) 36 (6)  . One of the the Waldmans live opposite the Palace Movie House.  Family homes in Mitzkavitca street Borislaw

5. The map below was hand-drawn in 1917 with family names in one suburb of Borislaw – mainly where the Jewish Ghetto was later established by the Germans. Family names such as Wilf, Henefeld and many others can be identified although the resolution of the image is not high. The flow of the river through town can be seen and the main bridge across Panska Street – the main road of Borislaw.

May dated 1914 or 1917 with family names in one suburb of Borislav

Higher level map of Borislav and Drohovitz – source Google Maps

6. This map of Borislaw is dated 1932 and has quite a lot of detail including street names.

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