Waldman Family Tree

Below is a basic family tree of the Waldmans – my maternal grandfather’s family who originated from Boryslaw. We know that Yankele Waldman originated from Berdychiv in northern Ukraine and it is believed that his original family name was Zlotnick – based on his profession as a silversmith.

Berdychiv (Ukrainian: Бердичів, Polish: Berdyczów, Russian: Берди́чев, translit. Berdichev) is a historic city in the Zhytomyr Oblast (province) of northern Ukraine. Serving as the administrative center of the Berdychiv Raion (district),  is located 44 km (27 mi) south of the regional capital, Zhytomyr, at around 49°54′N 28°35′E.

For a basic Waldman tree here   family_tree_waldman

(this will be updated and re-published)

11 August 2012

Thanks to a link I found on Facebook today I have discovered a new website with some interesting records (births, deaths etc) of Galicia and especially the area of Lvov which includes references to Boryslaw – I found this Waldman record (Isaac and Sara Waldman were our great grandparents) registering the birth of Charna (sister to Moshe Waldman ) who married Ben Zion Nadler


I also found the travel records for my grandmother Rosa Waldman , aunt Basia (Batya) , mother Laura (Lala) , aunt Elke from Boryslaw to Palestine in 1923. See

http://dcjr.org/index.php/polish-aliyah-passports/2257-waldman-laura        (3 years old)
http://dcjr.org/index.php/polish-aliyah-passports/2254-waldman-basia     (11 years old)
http://dcjr.org/index.php/polish-aliyah-passports/2255-waldman-elke         (3 years old)
http://dcjr.org/index.php/polish-aliyah-passports/2256-waldman-ethel-reisel-rosa       (36 years old)

and another document issued to great aunt Brucha Blanka (Charna) Waldman  (40 years old)


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