Boryslav roots trip July 2012 by Dave Bloom

Introduction and “housekeeping”

אני כתבתי את ה BLOG  כולל היומן שלי פלוס כל הסרטים והתמונות שצילמתי. יש כ 14 דפים נפרדים – כל אחד  על יום אחר בסיור, דף מפות ודפי עץ משפחתי . זו היא גרסה הראשונה (אני מדגיש) ואשמח לקבל משוב. בינתיים כתבתי באנגלית – יותר מאוחר אעביר את הטקסט לעברית. יש סיכום באתר דרוהוביץ בוריסלב והסביבה. כמו כן אפשר לקבל תרגום אוטומטית של האנגלית לעברית באמצעות דפדפן chrome של  Google translate. אני מקדיש את היומן הזה למשפחת לנהרד, משפחת ולדמן והקהילות של בוריסלב ודרוהביץ והסביבה.

This is a diary of my six-day roots trip to Boryslav and the surrounding area in the summer of 2012. It is written in English and it has many links to external photo albums with several hundred photos and links to tens of video clips on youtube.  Some of the clips are in Hebrew and some in English. I still have a lot of work to edit , correct and label all the material – thanks for your patience. I apologise in advance for any errors in the text and would be pleased to receive comments/corrections. I have adopted the “accepted” spellings (Ukrainian) of the towns and locations in the area. For those who may not know Boryslav is in the province of Lvov, Ukraine in an area once known as Galicia – an area that was home to approximately one million Jews prior to World War II and at that time under Polish rule. Only about 400 Jews from Boryslav survived the holocaust from a thriving pre-war Jewish community of some 15,000. It’s story is similar to many thousands of “shtetls” in Galica and other parts of Eastern Europe – from Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and many other territories. There is an extensive website (mainly in Hebrew) on the history of the Boryslav Drohobycz Jewish Communities at

I dedicate this diary to the memory of the Linhard and Waldman families and to the communities of Boryslav and Drohobycz. The visit was a very powerful experience for me on many different levels but mostly it was about discovering my own personal and family history.

From the menu bar above you can click on each section of the 14 pages including one with maps and two with family trees.  A consecutive order of the tour is represented in the following dates with associated links :

5th July – Leaving and arriving

6th July – Urycz and Drohobycz

7th July – Schodnica and Borislaw

8th July – Sambor and Bronica Forest

9th July – Borislaw – a personal journey

10th July – Stryj and Lvov

11th July – Lvov

12th July – Encounter ends

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